Hong Kong

Thursday, a day in Hong Kong

We were looking forward to Hong Kong but the weather wasn’t kind to us. We had decided to go on a “hop on hop off” bus system where there were three bus routes which were colour-coded. Two of the routes were on Hong Kong itself and the third was on the mainland. It took a while to get from the ship to the bus/ferry departure spot in Hong Kong. We decided to take the green route which went to Aberdeen and Stanley. The last time I saw Aberdeen was in the 70s so it had changed considerably … where before it was sanpans where people were living, it was now boats and high rise buildings. It is amazing how many high rise buildings can be fitted onto the island with new ones apparently  under construction. There were too many people from the cruise boat for the buses to accomodate all at once, so there was a bit of waiting time. We had to go upstairs to the double decker upper storey and , although we were given raincoats to put on over our raincoats, we got cold and wet.

Undefeated by the weather, we ventured on to the Peak by tram to see what was left of the view. Cloud had closed in, then rain, our audio equipment was getting wet and we were told that the 360 degree viewing area was closed due to the weather. When we got back to bottom, we had missed the bus and needed to wait for longer so decided to get a taxi to the ferry terminal.

one of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong
one of the sky scrapers in Hong Kong
tram to the Peak
tram to the Peak
view from the Peak
view from the Peak


We got the star ferry across to the mainland and after finishing there we got another taxi to go back to the cruise ship. Our taxi driver took us to the wrong terminal and time was ticking on. We were worried that we would miss the ship and it would leave the port. We made it but missed the late afternoon trivia session with Hope!


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