Tuesday, travel at sea

Paul and Inny went on a visit to the bridge which was very lucky. The small group were told about the navigation, electronics and general working at the bridge. He found out the cruise boat did not need tug boats because it has propellers and bow thrusters so it can go sideways. There is 8 metres of ship below water and 64 metres above water, 300metres long and 38 metres wide.

We went to trivia with Hope from London running the show. Hope is a young woman with a wonderful sense of humour who attracted a good crowd to her trivia sessions in the Schooner Bar.

In the evening was a singing and dancing show in the Savoy Theatre.

formal night dinner with Inny and Ian
formal night dinner with Inny an Ian


The weather was becoming noticably cooler but the ship maintained it’s smooth sailing. The ship was kept air conditioned at an even temperature, providing the door was kept closed to the balcony but it was such a beautiful night on the balcony that we kept it open to enjoy the fresh air.


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