This post is a bit late. Sometimes it is more difficult to access the Internet. We travelled on aa mostly single car road to Ranakpur through little villages. There were gum trees… but no koalas!!! There are heaps of monkeys everywhere though. As well there are lots of cows, pigs, dogs, goats, squirrels and donkeys. They all have a purpose. The cow dung is dried and used for fire starters, patching up walls and there are often women carrying baskets of cow dung along the streets. The pigs are used to eat the rubbish on the streets. The donkeys are used to carry heavy items. The goats are used for milk and meat. Any lamb on menus might also be called mutton but is actually goat meat. We have been eating meat sometimes, in places where there are lots of people or we have been told is ok by our driver or guide. So far so good. Mostly though we eat vegetarian.
We visited the amazing Jain temple. Jain worshippers believe all creatures are equal and so we couldnt wear any leather inside the temple. it is made of intricately carved marble. Absolutely beautiful.
jain temple
jain temple

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