Our highway trip from Udaipur to Pushkar was scarey to say the least. At fast speeds we were weaving between large trucks with literally inches to spare. In fact maybe 80% of the traffic were large trucks, some with oversized loads which took up3/4 of the two lane road. It was also interesting to find speed humps on the highway. There weren’t too many tuktuks (not sure of the spelling) but there were still people pushing carts, cows and goats. When there is a closed lane, a row of rocks will be strategically placed with no warning and the need for sudden lane change is urgent which is interesting when surrounded by massive trucks.
We have been told that the 3 requirements for driving in India is a good horn, good brakes and good luck!!!! And its so true.


Our arrival in Pushkar was late and it was cold. We were offered a heater… the first one didn’t work, the second one came without a connection piece just two exposed wires. The wires were inserted into the holes for the electricity connection and somehow managed to hang in there with no support and the heater was turned on. We were therefore very pleased when it was realised that I thought it unsafe ( despite all assurances that ” it is very safe madam “) and another safer heater was found. There was no hot water but you can’t always have everything!

We went to the markets, the Brahma temple and the holy lakes around the city. At the markets we encountered a man with a five legged cow which is apparently common in India. He was happy for a photo with a tip at the end.


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