last day in Istanbul

Saturday 10 October

Our last day in Turkey and the news shows a suicide bomber killed around 100 people at the train station in the capital Ankara. So sad and terrible for Turkey. We took ourselves to the Spice market and tasted some more Turkish delight – pomegranite with pistachios. We had delicious pide for lunch, bought some tea to bring home as well as some small presents.

the Spice Market
the Spice Market

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Then we found the stairs to the Rustem Pasha Mosque which is a very small mosque with beautiful blue tiles and only one minaret. Although smaller than the other mosques we had seen, it had a certain special feel,  possibly due to its position in the Spice Market and the blue tiles. Then back to the hotel, another great dinner in one of the restaurants near the hotel and then to the airport for our flight home.

Rustem Pasa Mosque
Rustem Pasa Mosque

RustemPasa2 RustemPasa3

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