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looking at hats

For a new art series, I have an interest in hats and have begun to search about the history of hats, including styles and how historical events influenced the design.

Did you know?

The ‘Bavolette’ was a ribbon frill at the back of the bonnet. Its purpose was covering the neck, which was considered an erogenous zone in the mid 19th century. Necks were only on view with evening dress!

Quote from an interesting article on the history of hats … information courtesy of the Vintage Fashion Guild.

Link to article


The Bangalow Show 2012

cattle dog trials at Bangalow Show 2012

cattle dog trials at Bangalow Show 2012

I recently went to the Bangalow show, mostly because I wanted to go to the cattle dog trials. I got some photos of the cattle dogs in action as well as relaxing behind the scenes. I love Bangalow and take my art to the Bangalow market once per month. There are a bunch of artists in the A+I Hall… see you there. The Bangalow market is on the fourth Sunday of every month.