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We got to Mumbai!

After spending two plane trips doing a repeated sequence of watching movies, eating then sleeping , we arrived in Mumbai. All went smoothly, customs was fast and Prasanna was at the airport to meet us and Sejal was at home cooking a midnight feast of chickpeas, dahl, spinach and rice. Still feeling awake, excited at being in Mumbai and on our two hour sleep-wake cycle, we finally got to sleep on the 14 th floor with a breeze coming through the windows. At 5 am, I was woken by the call to prayer. I lay there, eyes closed, listening to the beautiful melodic sounds which were so foreign to me.

Mumbai at night

mumbai by day

drinking coconut water

This morning (Tuesday 31 st December), we ambled around a local-shopping centre buying supplies, learning where to shop , what to buy and what not to buy … all from local resident’s perspective. Excellent advice was given and we lunged into street food drinking local chai at a tea stall and then fresh coconut water with a straw at a local vegetable shop. Tonight is NYE and fireworks are readily available. We are staying home and watching from the 14th/storey …. hope to see fireworks around us from the balcony.