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Travelling on the roads in Mumbai is something to experience. The constant changing of lanes, not using lanes, using the wrong side of the road, accommodating the motorcycles and rickshaws and pedestrians and trucks and buses all crossing in front of your vehicle… all moving at different speeds, whilst trying to avoid the stallholders in the gutters is to say the least a challenge. Whether the challenge is worse for the driver or the passenger I am unsure. In a three (or maybe it was four or five)lane highway travelling fast and close, I noticed a woman sweeping the side of the road with only inches to spare for her life.

the roads

We visited the gates of India in SoBo (south Mumbai for those in the know), then the Museum. On the way to the Museum, a young Indian girl wanted a photo with me. Soon more of the family wanted photos as well and eventually we worked our way through the whole family with a last photo of Paul and I with a couple who we presumed were the parents.

many photos

Going on through the markets along Colaba Causeway, we stopped at Cafe Leopold, famous for a terrorist attack in 2008. It was policed by security guards. The place was packed full of people and the noise within the cafe was only just second to the noise levels on the streets. And I mustn’t forget the children’s party on the top of a double-decker bus… and the cake display at Cafe Leopold.The day was long but fascinating and diverse. Thanks to our driver





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