in and around Mumbai

Yesterday we explored the Buddhist caves within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (104 sq km) and all within the bounds of Mumbai. Sejal treated us to singing into the acoustically formed cave using the stupa. It was beautiful and people thanked her for an experience most had never had there.


They are 11th century caves with many levels and carvings. There were Rhesus monkeys and Langur monkeys and possibly leopards, although we didn’t see any!



In contrast, today we were taken to a shopping mall. Security was again in the forefront with car and boot check. They looked for bombs with mirrors under the car. There were 3 security guards checking but no one looked inside the car to check for anything! Then we passed through a bag and body search before we were able to enter the centre. Then each shop we enteredd also had security.Photos were restricted in some areas but I was allowed to get a photo of the rollercoaster near the rooftop.

Paul and I came out dressed like this!
shopping centre

And the traffic still astounds me!!

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